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To enroll in this region:

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Passionate Educators. Professional Engineers.

Our instructors have founded companies and worked for Google, Twitter, SpaceX, Uber, and more.

Paul Booth

Bizzy, Twitter, Google

Paul has led teams of engineers, patented technology at Facebook, and published research in mathematics. He combines industry expertise with eight years of tutoring experience to teach the next generation of creators to make their dreams happen.

Andrew Heine

Uber, SpaceX, Microsoft

Andrew writes software for cars, robots, web sites, and rockets. He discovered coding by accident, and loves to show others how fun, powerful, and approachable it can be.

Hieu Nguyen

Onshape, Pivotal, Olin College of Engineering

Hieu struggles through life amongst many JavaScript-haters at Olin, secretly thinking that JS is a fun language. In his spare time, he tries to convince others that JavaScript is worth learning!

David Gaynor

School Shaped , Twitter

David was a student at Olin College when he designed and taught their first JavaScript course: Olin.js. He has worked for Twitter, founded successful companies, and taught at Design Tech High School and Nueva School.

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